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Let Us Explain The ABC’s
Of Exiting Your Timeshare

Hiring the right Attorney makes all the difference. Here at Timeshare Attorneys of America we have decades of combined real-estate and Timeshare experience.

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Not using your Timeshare? Tired of paying the fees?
We can help.


Real attorneys helping solve legal problems affordably.

Timeshare Attorneys of America helps Timeshare owners like you exit your costly, unwanted Timeshares legally and permanently!!

We know how stressful and tiring the experience of trying to sell or rent your Timeshare with NO RESULTS can be.  The financial burden of paying ever increasing maintenance fees is very frustrating especially while you try to figure out how to get out from under your Timeshare.  So, while you as an owner have these pressures from something that you may not be using or can’t use for a variety of reasons you are eligible for Timeshare contract exit strategies.  Let us explain How it works.

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How it Works

There are consumer protection laws, both state and Federal that may be utilized by a Timeshare owner to hold accountable Timeshare salespeople and their resort employers. This is related to disclosures and representations made during your Timeshare sales presentation to induce you to purchase. Our attorney’s use these laws to protect your rights and get you out of your Timeshare.

1.Exhaust All Options

We recommend trying to give your Timeshare back to your resort by exhausting all your options with them. Then and only then should you consider using our legal Timeshare exiting program.

2.Review Documents

We will need the original contract(s), your “deed(s)” or “points certificate(s).” If you cannot find these documents, our team can assist you with obtaining them for no additional charge, then we can see if your eligible for our services.

3.Receive Your Proposal

If we accept your case, we provide a fixed fee cost approach which means you pay a single one-time fee and nothing else, not another penny. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that we will get you out of your Timeshare legally and safely.

4.Create An Affordable Plan

We can offer short term payment plans. We understand that not all Timeshare owners can pay upfront costs. If you qualify for a payment plan, ask your consultant for more details. We accept all major credit cards, check and money orders.

5.Begin Your Case

You’ve signed our agreement, payment has been processed and your case is open. Once this occurs, our administrative department will call you to review your file and follow up on any paperwork needed or to ask or answer any questions.

6.Hassle Free Updates

You will be assigned a case manager. They will take the time to educate you as to what to expect along the way. Anyone who contacts you regarding your Timeshare from this point forward, simply refer them to your case manager.

Why Clients Hire Us?

Honesty, integrity and hard work is what sets us apart from other lawyers. Our special expertise and extensive experience allow our firm to work the toughest cases helping Timeshare owners alleviate their financial burdens.


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* The statistics, statements and facts above are based on the collective experience of our lawyers and their success and do not necessarily apply to the brand Timeshare Attorneys of America.

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What our clients said about us

It’s obvious we care, our group of lawyers and professional staff will go the extra mile to succeed for you. See what some of our clients have to say .

Karen Graves

“I have recommended Timeshare Attorneys of America to my friends and family and I did not regret it. They came thru for them and canceled their timeshare just like they did for my family. They are real pros.”

Stewart and Patricia

“Timeshare Attorneys of America is the best of the best, their legal team is the best in the country. Thanks for cancelling our timeshare contract and our Mortgage, it’s amazing the work you all do!”

Karl And Cynthia

“Timeshare Attorneys of America saved us $27,000 in dues they transferred our timeshare out of our name they are very good we recommend them to anyone.”

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